America-Xactimate-estimating-word-cloudWe strive to not only provide accurate and timely estimating services, but to listen, explain, and learn from our customers. While the Xactimate® estimates we write vary as much as geographical regions they come from, the compliments and praise we receive from our customers seems to remain consistent. Following are a few testaments to that end.


“Just want to thank you again for the excellent service… [my partner] was impressed as well.  I will definitely have more work for you in the future; in fact I need the storm damage claim on my own home revised and as soon as this job is wrapped up I’ll be getting back to you on that.”

Doug S., Contractor
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota


“I am loving what I am seeing and absolutely love the time and effort you have taken with this project! It is a breath of fresh air to work with wonderful professionals! … I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to attend to this project. You truly have gone out of your way to accommodate us and we are very grateful! We are all in accord that we have found our estimating company.”

Michael S., Contractor
Glendale, Arizona


“Thanks for taking the time to explain it.  That goes a long way with me, and you have landed a customer for life.  Thanks for your quick response and great customer service.”

Toby B., Contractor
Atlanta, Georgia


“Thank you for your support.  You are truly a professional.  Looking forward to working with you often.  Thanks again.”

Albert K., Contractor
San Diego, California


“I have been going through the reports.  They are outstanding… I will definitely encourage my builder to use your service. I am sure he will be impressed.”

Billy T., Property Owner
Atlanta, Georgia


“You’re a gentlemen and a scholar!! Thanks… you’re the best.”

Marsha M., Property Owner
Brooklyn, New York

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