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About Us

How Assistimate Began

profitAssistimate Estimating Services, an Xactimate® and Symbility™ estimating service, was founded in 2013 by
a former regional claims manager with nearly two decades of commercial and residential claims experience with the following goal: to help contractors profit more and policy holders better restore.

Adjusting claims, our founder had met with countless contractors (general contractors, roofers, water mitigation contractors, handymen, etc.) during loss inspections. He noticed many weren’t using insurance estimating software. Instead, they were leaving their profit margins to the mercy of adjusters, or they were submitting bids lacking in detail that ultimately led to claims being paid from adjuster estimates. Not using Xactimate had a negative impact not only on the contractor’s bottom line, but also on the property owner’s home or business not being restored to pre-loss condition. Seeing an opportunity to help, the idea of Assistimate was born.

Today, Assistimate writes thousands of estimates for hundreds of clients annually. Most of our clients come via word-of-mouth, which we believe is a testament to our skillset and product. Our clientele has grown to include not only contractors seeking to prevent money left on the table, but busy adjusters (especially public adjusters) looking to settle claims more equitably for policy holders.

We Know the Estimating Platforms Inside-Out

Our founder has used Xactimate, Symbility and Simsol to settle countless insurance claims for nearly two decades. The claims he’s worked have varied from total loss structure fires to damages from Category 5 hurricanes, and all were estimated with one of these platforms. In fact, he’s even used Xactimate to settle a water damage claim at a National Football League (NFL) stadium. Capable of estimating damages in excess of a million dollars, Xactimate has proven itself in both the insurance and restoration industries as capable of estimating the most complex of projects. It has earned the trust of countless adjusters, insurance companies, and contractors throughout the United States and Canada. Symbility, a competing software platform, is gaining ground on Xactimate and is working hard to become a formidable alternative. Assistimate offers estimates from Xactimate and Symbility platforms to help contractors profit more and policy holders better restore.

More About Our Founder

With a background in home building and commercial construction, our founder started in the insurance world as a staff adjuster (an adjuster who works for an insurance company). He moved on to become an independent adjuster (an adjuster who works for several insurance companies), then became a regional claims manager. He is a top-tier, best-of-the-best, expert claim adjuster and is well-versed in nearly every area of claims and estimatics with Xactimate and Symbility. He keeps up with cutting-edge technology trends in the ever-evolving property damage restoration industry and maintains multi-line adjuster licenses in several states. He oversees the daily operation of Assistimate in addition to his claim handling practice.

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Want More Information About Assistimate?

If you have questions about the services offered by Assistimate, or for general questions about Xactimate estimates, please visit our FAQs page. Or feel free to Contact Us. We are eager to help, and we look forward to assisting you with all of your estimating needs. We think you’ll find our services invaluable and worth coming back for time and again. Thank you for choosing Assistimate.