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Xactimate® and Symbility™ Estimates and Supplements Written by Reliable Industry Experts

Average current turnaround time: 2 to 3 business days. RUSH option is not available at this time. Click for details
Last updated: Friday, 07/19/2024

Xactimate® and Symbility™ Estimates and Supplements Written by Reliable Industry Experts

Average current turnaround time: 2 to 3 business days. RUSH option is not available at this time. Click for details
Last updated: Friday, 07/19/2024

Every Day We Help People Just Like You:

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Received an adjuster’s estimate that’s too low? New to insurance claim work and not sure how much to bid? Don’t have the time or money to learn the complicated estimating software that most restoration and insurance companies are using? We can help. Our professional estimating services team has a keen eye for items overlooked by adjusters and will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive Xactimate or Symbility repair estimate based on current labor, material and equipment rates in your region for nearly any imaginable repair trade.

Our professional estimating services can provide you with a detailed repair estimate based on current going rates for your geographical area. With Assistimate, you can:
  • Find allowable rates for labor, material, and equipment for most trades
  • Rewrite/supplement an adjuster’s estimate by adding missing and overlooked items, or by changing incorrectly estimated items
  • Earn more profit by letting us be your roof estimator, siding estimator, window estimator, paint estimator, etc.
  • Remove guesswork from time and material-based labor estimation
  • Get an accurate material takeoff for the project
  • Avoid pricing disputes with adjusters, subcontractors, and property owners
  • Prevent unnecessary change orders
  • Submit accurate, detailed, and professional looking estimates on your own letterhead with your own logo
  • Save on the expense of estimating software – up to $3,000 a year!
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Prefer to spend more time inspecting losses and scoping damages in the field? Is your current claim load too much to complete your estimates on time? You need a remote Xactimate or Symbility estimator. We will convert your Scope Sheets into Xactimate or Symbility estimates, help you comply with the estimating guidelines of the carrier you’re working for, and send you ESX files for your estimates so that you can import them and be on your way to faster cycle times.

We’ll convert your Scope Sheets to estimates and help you earn more revenue. With our services, you can:

  • Save time and close more claims—have us be your commercial and residential construction cost estimator
  • Have your room and roof diagrams converted to Sketch™
  • Save on the expense of estimating software – up to $3,000 a year!
  • Already using Xactimate or Symbility? Send us your exported ESX files and we’ll complete your estimates


If you’re a construction consultant, public adjuster, attorney or other professional, the Xactimate or Symbility estimators for hire at Assistimate can help you pin down fair market costs in your region for repairs or rebuilds of buildings and other structures. We can also estimate fair market costs for moving, cleaning and storage of contents and other personal property items. Xactimate and Symbility have an extremely wide range of items they can estimate across the entire United States and Canada.

Maybe you suspect the insurance company’s damage appraisal is too low, or maybe you’re wondering if you should dispute their settlement offer. Whatever the case is, we can help. With our services, you can:

  • Get your own damage repair estimate based on current going rates from Xactimate or Symbility
  • Find out if the insurance company’s settlement offer is too low
  • Increase the claim by leveraging the adjuster’s estimate with your own damage estimate

We Write Estimates from Scratch using Matterport™, DocuSketch™, and more:

Emergency Services

water mitigation
Water Mitigation/Drying

Board Up
Board Ups

water damage
Water Damage

flood damage
Flood Damage

mold remediation
Mold Remediation

wind, hail and storm damage
Wind & Hail Damage

fire damage
Fire, Smoke & Soot

asbestos abatement
Asbestos Abatement

contents/personal property pack outs
Pack Outs & Storage

contents/personal property cleaning
Contents Cleaning

laundry and dry cleaning
Dry Cleaning & Laundry

trauma and crime scene cleanup
Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup

We Correct and Supplement Adjuster Estimates:

We’ve corrected and supplemented thousands of adjuster estimates that were erroneously written or fell short on the scope of work or cost.

Some of the insurers we’ve worked to keep fair and honest include but are limited to:

Don’t see your insurer? Odds are we’ve still supplemented one of their estimates. There are hundreds of small obscure insurance carriers across the country and we’ve seen estimates from nearly all of them.

We Have a Trained Eye for Supplements:

Here’s a walk-in closet with rainwater stains on the ceiling and walls. The adjuster sees “seal and paint.” We see a lot more, so a supplemental corrected estimate is very much in order.

Assistimate Can Help You To:

Identify Missed Revenue

Insurance companies skimp, and that’s not by coincidence. Adjusters are encouraged to get to the loss before the contractor, frugally estimate the damages, issue a payment and close the file ASAP. Statistics have shown that doing so lessens the likelihood of having to pay out more. Property owners often become convinced that the initial payment they received is the most that will ever be approved, that they need to shop around for the best deal, and that if repair costs end up being more, it is them who need to come out of pocket for the balance. They will believe their expectations “just aren’t covered.” This is a statistical numbers game that benefits insurance companies time and again. Of course, it’s not ethical. If something is left off of an adjuster’s estimate that’s needed to restore the property to a “pre-loss condition,” it needs to be asked for, not ignored. We can help you to identify those missing items and rightfully supplement insurance claim estimates to reach more realistic repair costs. This can leave the property owner with a proper restoration and you with a fair profit margin. Sometimes these missing items are relatively minor things that add up, or sometimes they are glaring omissions. Sometimes they are required code upgrades, and sometimes they are unforeseen and not discovered until you’re in the midst of repairs. In any case, they can be rightfully supplemented.

Capture More Profit

It’s crucial to estimate your projects using current approved pricing, especially after disasters when material costs and labor rates are extremely volatile. Xactimate and Symbility’s up-to-date pricing data, which is issued monthly for every region in the United States and Canada, can ensure that your estimates reflect the high end of what you can bill for your projects.* This is especially helpful in situations where an adjuster has inspected a damaged property, written his estimate, and attempted to settle the claim days, weeks or months before you became involved (see previous section titled Identify Missed Revenue). In such circumstances, pricing in an adjuster’s estimate can become outdated, especially if the property is located in a disaster area where demand outpaces supply, or if repairs can’t begin until months or years later. This type of scenario often creates the need to rewrite or supplement an adjuster’s estimate using current pricing. We will also add any needed items that the adjuster omitted from his estimate.

*Based on Xactimate or Symbility pricing data that most insurance carriers agree to.

Increase Estimate Approvals

Xactimate or Symbility estimates are meticulously itemized, which is why insurance companies prefer them. The itemization spells out what tasks are being done, for what costs, on a room-by-room basis. This helps eliminate many questions about the scope and cost of work. However, itemization alone isn’t enough to get an estimate approved — you still have to convince an adjuster that everything in your estimate is justified. We have found that the best way to do this is within the estimate itself. That’s why we add detailed justification notes to the line items in our estimates that we feel will have a higher likelihood of being questioned or disputed by an adjuster. These notes allow any foreseeable questions that an adjuster may have to be answered in the review stage, well before he or she even tries to contact you for discussion. In fact, convincingly-written notes can oftentimes prevent an adjuster from contacting you at all, and that can leave you with more time to do what you do best: water mitigation, sewage clean-up, roofing, reconstruction, or any other repair trade that you specialize in.

Look More Professional

The detail of a well-organized Xactimate or Symbility estimate makes you look more professional, especially when you have convincingly-written notes explaining why certain line items are needed. Plus, the software automatically calculates takeoffs from room, elevation, and roof plans, all but eliminating the potential for error. Thumbnail diagrams can be shown within the estimate, giving the reader a graphical reference of where they are in their review. We gladly customize estimates with company logos, letterhead, terms and conditions, project notes, subcontractor bids, and more. What’s more, the familiar and unmistakable format of an Xactimate or Symbility estimate has a certain level of trust built into it; it lets an adjuster know that you and he or she speak the same language: Xactimate or Symbility. The odds of getting an Xactimate or Symbility estimate approved can be much greater than with estimates written in other platforms.

Save Loads of Time

Xactimate and Symbility can be difficult software to learn. What you know today can be easily forgotten tomorrow if you don’t use it enough, or if the program issues a major update. This can lead to costly mistakes of underestimation, or even overestimation, the latter of which can cause undue scrutiny from customers and adjusters, or even worse, the loss of a project. Since we use Xactimate and Symbility every day, we know it inside and out. We are Xactimate and Symbility experts. Outsourcing your estimates to us will put your bids in capable hands and allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business — the ones that can’t be outsourced, like customer relationships. You’ll rest assured knowing that your estimates are coming in on time from industry experts who are helping you to capture each and every fair dollar from your projects that you possibly can.

See What Our Clients Are Saying:

We strive to not only provide accurate and timely estimating services, but to listen, explain, and learn from our customers. While the Xactimate and Symbility estimates we write vary as much as geographical regions they come from, the compliments and praise we receive from our customers seems to remain consistent.

Albert K, San Diego, CA
Read More
Thank you for your support. You are truly a professional. Looking forward to working with you often. Thanks again.
Reed P, Charlotte, NC
Read More
I really want to thank you for caring as much as you do when it comes to looking out for me, especially when I am so busy. It really means the world to me. Thank you.
Michael S, Glendale, AZ
Read More
I am loving what I am seeing and absolutely love the time and effort you have taken with this project! It is a breath of fresh air to work with wonderful professionals! ... I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to attend to this project. You truly have gone out of your way to accommodate us and we are very grateful! We are all in accord that we have found our estimating company.
Marsha M, Brooklyn, NY
Property Manager
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You're a gentleman and a scholar! Thanks... you're the best.
Caleb S, San Antonio, TX
Read More
As with my previous experience using you, I'm very pleased with the quality and speed of your work. I'll go with all of your recommendations in your notes.
Scott R, Houston, TX
Read More
Thanks for the GREAT job as usual!
Billy T, Atlanta, GA
Property Manager
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I have been going through the reports. They are outstanding... I will definitely encourage my builder to use your service. I am sure he will be impressed.
Toby B, Atlanta, GA
Read More
Thanks for taking the time to explain it. That goes a long way with me, and you have landed a customer for life. Thanks for your quick response and great customer service.
Jay L, Boston, MA
Read More
I just wanted to thank you for the work you have put into these estimates. You are very thorough and always get right back to me with any questions/suggestions. I appreciate it and have plenty more coming your way!
Chris M, Harrisburg, PA
Read More
You did a kick a** job again, they were asking me if I was OK with $30k! From an offer of $20k up to $30k...
Doug S, Brooklyn Center, MN
Read More
Just want to thank you again for the excellent service... [my partner] was impressed as well. I will definitely have more work for you in the future; in fact I need the storm damage claim on my own home revised and as soon as this job is wrapped up I'll be getting back to you that.
Scott R, Houston, TX
Read More
Finally got it approved for $265k and change. That's a long way from the $191k they were trying to pay.
Charles C, Dallas TX
Read More
Customers are thrilled. Thanks again. Will send you more business in the future and tell others about you. Have a nice day.
John L, Lancaster, OH
John L, Lancaster, OH
Read More
Again thank you for all of your attention to detail. It has been a game changer.
Rick D, St Louis, MO
Read More
You guys are great. This was lightning quick and it had everything. I’m definitely gonna use you guys.
Brandon M, Myersville, MD
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Excellent communication and service by Assistimate Estimating Services! Doug, one of the Chief Estimators, worked diligently to process our Symbility estimate. Doug was very detailed and quick to answer our questions and concerns. By far the best team to work with when needing efficient and proper estimating for your insurance claims!

A Note on Our Competitors:

Assistimate Estimating Services has been doing great work and gaining clients’ trust since we started in 2013. Since then, a lot of Xactimate and a few Symbility estimators for hire have been popping up online. We’ve seen the work product of some of our competitors and we’ve heard many stories from clients who’ve had disappointing experiences elsewhere. By using Assistimate as your remote estimator, you’ll get a professional who is analytical, easy to work with, an expert in Xactimate or Symbility, construction and insurance, and someone who can convey complex arguments in writing (which will help get your estimate approved). We don’t need to offer complicated subscription packages or lure you in with glossy YouTube videos making dubious claims about insurance estimating. Our meticulous work product speaks for itself. Let’s chat today and start building a relationship you can count on, every time.

How Assistimate Works:

Getting an Xactimate or Symbility estimate is easy with Assistimate. Whether you need an estimate written from scratch or you need to rewrite/supplement an adjuster’s estimate, we can get you on the path to higher estimate approvals and more profit earned today. Click the button below to learn about how it works. 

Xactimate and Symbility are hard.

Assistimate makes them easy.

Ready to get more estimates approved and start making more money?