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Property Owners


If you're a property owner dealing with an insurance claim, or if you're working with a contractor, you might wonder how much your repairs or construction work are really worth. Maybe you suspect the insurance company's damage appraisal is too low, or your contractor's estimate is too high or inflated. Maybe you're wondering if you should even file a claim. Whatever the case is, we can help. With our services, you can:
Get your own damage repair estimate based on the prices most insurance companies approve
Find out if your insurance company's settlement is too low
Increase your claim by leveraging the adjuster's estimate with your own damage estimate
•  Find out if your contractor's estimate is fair and reasonable
Keep your contractor honest by having your own construction cost estimate
•  Find an answer to the key question: "Should I file an insurance claim or not?"



If you're new to insurance claim work and not sure how much to bid, or if you just don't have the time or money to learn the complicated estimating software that most insurance companies use, we can help. Our professional estimating services can provide you with a detailed repair estimate based on current going rates for your area. With Assistimate, you can:           
Find going/allowable rates for labor, materials, and equipment specific to most trades
Earn more by letting us be your roof estimator, siding estimator, window estimator, paint estimator, etc.
Remove guesswork from time-based labor estimation
Avoid pricing disputes with adjusters, subcontractors, and property owners
Prevent unnecessary supplements and change orders
Submit accurate, detailed, and professional looking estimates on your own letterhead
Save on the expense of estimating software up to $3,000 a year!



If you prefer to spend more time inspecting and scoping damages in the field, or if your current claim volume is just too high to complete your estimates and diagrams quickly enough, we can help. We will convert your field scopes to estimates and help you to avoid a costly subscription to Xactimate®. With our services, you can:

Save time and close more claimshave us be your commercial or residential construction cost estimator
Have your room and roof diagrams converted to Sketch
Save on the expense of estimating software up to $3,000 a year!
Already using Xactimate? Send us your ESX files and we can complete your estimates


What Is Assistimate Estimating Services?

Assistimate Estimating Services is an online estimating service used by contractors, property owners, independent adjusters, public adjusters, staff adjusters, attorneys, and more. We're operated by a network of experienced adjusters and contractors who handle claims and write property damage repair estimates professionally and for a living. We don't determine scopes of work, we don't make field visits, and we don't fight to maximize claims we simply take our clients' own scopes of work and convert them to fair cost estimates appearing on their own letterhead as if they had written them themselves. Our estimates provide our clients with up-to-date going rates for labor, materials, and equipment in their cities, states, and zip codes as allowable and approved by most insurance companies. Our estimates have been used to compare contractor construction cost estimates and insurance company damage appraisal estimates to actual fair market costs. Our estimates have also been used to determine actual job prices for contractors lacking time and cost estimation software. Among many things, our estimates can help you answer these questions:

Is the settlement from my insurance company fair in relation to my scope of work?
Is the bid from my contractor reasonable and based on current going rates for my zip code?
How much does it cost to have [you fill in the blank] done in my city, state and zip code?

Make life easier by finding going rates and getting your repair estimates online with Assistimate. We write estimates exclusively using Xactimate®, one of the most trusted and commonly used platforms in the insurance and property damage restoration industries. For more information on our services or Xactimate, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Why Do I Need an Xactimate Estimate?

Contracting repair work for an insurance claim can be a different animal. When it comes to preparing a repair estimate, it's all about one thing: ITEMIZATION. One should never submit a one page, one line estimate to an adjuster—not if he or she wants to get it approved. An adjuster wants to pay no less than what is owed, and certainly no more. In order to do that, the adjuster needs to know the exact scope of the work and the exact cost of the work, all the way down to the square foot, linear foot, board foot, etc. Simply painting a room? The adjuster needs to know the exact square footage of surface area being painted, how many coats are being applied, and what the labor and material costs are per square foot. Replacing a baseboard? The adjuster needs to know the linear feet of baseboard, the style and quality of material, and what the labor and material cost are per linear foot. At first glance, itemizing this much information in a repair estimate seems to be a daunting task, if not ridiculous. But it's actually necessary and very easily achieved through Xactimate, the loss estimating software that most insurance companies and restoration contractors are using today.


When an adjuster receives an Xactimate estimate from a contractor, odds are that he or she breathes a sigh of relief. The estimate has an easily identifiable format (the unmistakable cover page, listed room dimensions, itemization columns, etc.), which says that he or she and the contractor speak the same language.  And when an adjuster and contractor speak the same language (i.e., when they're using the same set of preapproved pricing), all that remains is to agree on the scope of work, and then the claim can usually be settled.


Click here to view a sample Xactimate estimate.